Alpha RTK Receiver

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Get triggered positions from SD-card log files of Alpha

Hi, Here I would like to show the processes of getting the trigger positions from SD-card log files of base and rover. Roughly speaking, the log file in Alpha’s SD card contains [both base and rover sides] GNSS raw m…

6 November 4, 2019
[Updated] A tip to improve Alpha’s positioning accuracy when doing RTK/PPK with a VRS/CORS source

Ths is the updated version to this topic. Some users may find their Alpha has better positioning accuracy when they use it to work with a local (Alpha) base, comparing to working with a public VRS/CORS base. The reason…

5 September 9, 2019
Fix "Device detection failed!" error

Sometimes we get a “Device detection failed!” error message in RTK Viewer when connecting Alpha units with a PC. It is quite likely caused by the fact the switch is switched to the right-hand side (position “B”). The…

2 July 30, 2019
Attention: Use the tested RTKLIB to do PPK

Hi, To get the best PPK results, we highly recommend you to use our tested version of RTKLIB to perform PPK. You can download it here.

2 June 19, 2019
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