6-4-1 Short Baseline Test Setup - no "Fix RTK"

Base (RTK Antenna) and Rover (High Precision Antenna) Alpha’s have perpetual licenses, both are configured as per the user guide, etc.

The “Fix RTK” has flashed a couple of times, but no real RTK connection has been established.

Does the PC have to be connected to the Internet when doing the Short Baseline Test Setup? (I have tried it both online and offline, with same results).

What would be the trouble shooting sequence to find out why “Float RTK” doesn’t change to “Fix RTK”, even with 15+ GPS/GLONASS satellites connected?

To help understand the issue, would need below items:

  1. Clear photos of you test setup, including the antennas.
  2. A screen capture of the RTK Viewer showing satellite signal strength and satellite distribution.
  3. Rover NMEA log file for 15 minutes.

Make sure you are (1) testing outdoors with antennas having open sky view, so that common set of signals seen by both base & rover are 40dB or higher, and having 12 or more such satellites (2) antennas are stretched out away from laptop and Alpha for some distance, (3) have the metallic plate placed underneath the smaller High Precision Antenna, (4) waited a few minutes.

There should be only occasional small cycle slip number (1 ~3). If there is constant presence of large cycle slip number then there is interference picked up by antenna causing unable to get RTK Fix; will then need to test at different place or different time where/when there is no interference.


I’ve sent you all but the log in a private message. Please review them.