After update can not get float or fix.. Just DGPS

I have work with your oem standard kit
With NTRIP from the nearest CORS station

Before I 've updated it is possible to get float or sometimes fix

I use your recent 1.0.17 rtk viewer or automatically updated

I try to turn off beidu sat. Only GPS also
Give the same respon… Can not get float or fix
Please somebody can help me to bring itu back to normal… Can getting fix solution


We are discussing it here:

I have changed to GPS only
but still DGPS. can not get better than that

Can you upload a screen capture of RTK Viewer with “RTK Info.” tab clicked?

can not get DGPS
Why my date state 2006 ???

The date at 2006 indicates no GNSS signals.

Same issue here. how to resolve this issue? i cant get any signals even in an open area. my other alpha (base) is working perfectly it’ll set the date automatically once inserted the cables and antenna. On the otherhand when i switch my (Rover) i got the same image above. both alpha’s has updated firmware version.

Can you exchange the “cable+antenna” of base and rover? I guess there is something wrong with the rover cable.