Alpha+ Base and Rover Radio link and external Bluetooth

anyone here uses this set up?

plus external bluetoot on Rover to display survey result?

please share your set up

plus external bluetoot on Rover to display survey result?

at Rover, you can connect to alpha+ to smart phone via Bluetooth, open the third part app “Ntrip Client”image

it can show the rtk status currently

If you have purchased Alpha+ after July 2020, you can just receive NMEA positioning stream over Bluetooth interface in this setup.

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i have read that alpha+ built in bluetooth will automatically dissable when using radios. so there is need to add external bluetooth such hc 06 so we can view survey results. how true is this?

my field of application is more on remote areas where no network available. so i have to relay on my local base setup, sending correction thru radio to rover and view survey results on my smarthphone.

application more on remote areas. no network available

Alpha+ built-in Bluetooth will not be disabled when using radios (i.e. TTL).

With the new Alpha+, does bluetooth work in UART mode with baudrate other than 115200? Radios have a longer range with low baudrates, it would be very useful if it were possible to work like this

To make Alpha+ work with radio at a preferred baud rate, you can configure Alpha+'s TTL baud rate as one of the following.