[Alpha+] GPS + GLONASS + Galelio + BeiDou firmware is ready

The new multi-constellation (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou ) , dual-frequency Alpha+ firmware is now released for update.


  1. Unplug Alpha+ from PC
  2. Update RTK Viewer 2 (currently V2.0.0.4)
  3. Plug Alpha+ to PC (switched to left position A)
  4. Update Alpha+ firmware
  5. Enjoy

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Great, excellent, wonderfull.
Happy Polaris team!

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I am trying to update the firmware to enable GPS + Glonass + Galileu + Beidu, but the software (already updated) informs that the module has the latest firmware version. Currently only GPS + Glonass are active.

How do I activate others?


What firmware version are you using?

To check the firmware version, I used the old software.

When accessing the new version, the software informs that the latest firmware version is installed

Hi Alexandre,
It seems that you are using an Alpha unit, not an Alpha+.

Alpha does not support multiple frequency reception, and you should only use RTK Viewer 1.x to communicate with it.

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In base mode, Alpha+ only send corrections for GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU… What happend with GALILEO?¿

Alpha+ output GPS L1/L2C, GLONASS L1/L2, Galileo E1/E5b, Beidou B1I/B2I in base mode.

Any particular reason you mentioned not outputting Galileo?

when configured with rtk-viewer, galileo is unchecked in the raw output, so I always use gnss-viewer to fix this.

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I have been using with an other Alpha+ and with my Emlid RS2, and Galileo corrections are not sent… You can see in the next pictures…

connect alpha + to GNSS_Viewer
go to the RAW tab


mark the galilean and save

If by default you didn’t change any satellite constellation setting, then not sure if it’s RTK2GO problem.

You can easily see arons4 Alpha+ log file contains Galileo signal, E ones.


It was perfect…!!! thank you very much

Really? Good to know that. I’m going to check my Alpha+

Hi Jadilson, may be you know, how to solve this…
I used to been using Survey Master with my Alpha receivers, but now I bought two Alpha+, but I actually have this problem…

( Alpha+) D, H, and V are always in zero, and the software doesn’t save the colected point…
(Alpha) D,H and V have a real value, and I can save the collected point

The alpha nmea output by default has the GST message disabled, in this video I show how to do this

My alpha playlist +

It’s alive… You are mi idol today friend… muito agradecido…