Alpha Rtk en España

Hola compañeros mi nombre es Francisco y compré un alpha Rtk y un plan ilimitado.
He probado el receptor con lefebure y mobile topographer pero le cuesta muchisimo fijar.
Podeis echarme una mano en la configuracion y en el software que utilizais?
Un cordial saludo.

Not sure what the question is. If you meant taking a long time to get RTK Fix, please provide a 15 minutes NMEA log file of the rover to help us understand the problem.

Hi Francisco, I have the same problem in Spain - Tarragona. It fixes RTK for 1 second and turns to floatRTK…

How do you use Alpha? Do you have your own RTK base or use a third party CORS/VRS?

Hi, I use third party Cors (vrs3 government). What I did yesterday is change configuration to gps+beidou and I get rtk fix stable and 1,2 cm precision! It works!

It is nice to hear the news!

Hi Jim, about the antenna height configuration… Do you put the height on Lebefure or on Mobile Topographer?

The antenna height can be inputted in the app if altitude is your concerned data.

Hi, I live in Spain too (I would like to write in spanish but I think it could violate forum’s rules) could you kindly tell me what hardware configuration are you using? I would like to work with just one device in rover mode connected to ign ntrip network or regional geodetics stations (Murcia Regam). Is an usage plan necessary? thank you

If you use a local ntrip caster, like the one offered through IGN you need only Lebefure client with a topographic software, like mobile topographer or mapit pro.

Thank you very much for your reply!