Alpha RTK Receiver Launch

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We are excited to bring you Alpha, an multi-function RTK receiver that can function as external Bluetooth RTK receiver for Android mobile device for surveying and GIS application, or a high precision RTK position sensor for your agriculture or outdoor robotics precision guidance applications.

Please feel free to post any question you have about Alpha, and we’ll be glad to answer for you.




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  • 1 survey antenna level.
    Does this antenna have GPS L1 / L2, GLONASS L1 / L2, Beidou B1 / B2 / B3, Galileo L1?

Yes, the larger survey grade antenna covers GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, Beidou B1/B2/B3, and Galileo E1.

Alpha RTK with UPM-STD KIT and package uses UNLIMITED $190. Does it work well in Vietnam? Accuracy is 1cm + 1ppm?
Thank you.

Since RTK works in base / rover pair, using only one set of UPM-Std Kit as RTK rover, you’ll need to have access to public or private RTK base station with Virtual Reference Station (VRS) service in order to get 1cm + 1ppm horizontal position accuracy. Alpha is compatible with popular Trimble and Leica RTK base stations.

RTK initialization time performance of Alpha is on similar level as other single frequency RTK receivers such a NEO-M8P, REACH RS+, REACH M+, … etc, taking longer time than more expensive dual-frequency RTK receivers.

If you choose to setup your local RTK base station with another set of UPM-Std Kit, then GPS/Beidou RTK instead of GPS/GLONASS RTK can be used. Over Vietnam there are 20 ~ 25 GPS/Beidou satellites, the RTK initialization time will be extremely fast, under 30 seconds on average.

Public or private base station are GPS/GLONASS type, there are 9 ~ 18 GPS/GLONASS satellites over Vietnam over 24hr period, so RTK initialization will take longer time when satellites are fewer.

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Thanks very much. . . .!

A2-NTRIP Sever/Caster Setup for Users Without Fixed IP
In the Alpha_RTK_Receiver_User_Guide guide, page 51
Set the output stream options as follows. Press the OK button to return to the STRSVR dialog when finished. The red color NTRIP Caster Host IP and Port Number are provided by Polaris to Base Data Redirecting Service subscription customers. The blue color Mountpoint and password are specified by customer at time of subscription application
Field / Description / Example.
NTRIP Caster HostEnter your Caster URL or IP address. / 60.250.205,31
Port / Ente the port used Caster./ 4999
Mountpoint / Enter Caster mount point name / My_GLO_BASE
Password / Enter password to access base data /1234
IP and Port of NTRIP Caster server is available when purchasing the Alpha RTK UPM-Std Kit and PLAN-UNLIMITED package?

What is the difference between your alpha-std 60$ vs starter kit 99$
Why alpha price lower than your starter kit

Please see below table.

Thank you Lee
What is the meaning of usage plan ?
Why starter kit do not need usage plan?

Students that need RTK short term couple weeks usage can buy UPM Kit + $40 One Month Usage Plan. Customers that have longer term usage can consider buying UPM Kit + $190 Unlimited Usage Plan.

Starter Kit is entry level RTK for those that wish to try out RTK technology, it doesn’t have many more advanced features of Alpha RTK receiver, nor the better performance antenna, thus pricing is set the way it is.

Do you mean… Alpha version can not work without usage plan, right?
What is exactly usage plan doing ? Some kind of password or protection?

Although the $250/$325 Alpha RTK Kits are already the most affordable L1 RTK solution on the market, some potential customers with less budget (students with short term school projects for example) could benefit from our offering of $60/$135 hardware + $40 per month usage license alternative.

It’s a bit like the Trimble Catalyst pricing model, yet Trimble’s Catalyst has never ending subscription but it includes differential correction service though.

Ok great
Is your alpha 60$ be able for post processing ?
I mean can I use your alpha just for logging

Both RTK and carrier phase output/logging functions need to order Usage Plan to activate the feature. Without ordering usage plan, Alpha is just a normal 2.5m CEP GNSS receiver.

I have a query if I already know how I can connect computers to receive RTK corrections, it is possible that Alpha RTK Receiver Launch works without using your servers …

or I should always buy a Rtk correction plan with you

We don’t offer any RTK base correction service.

For customers that wish to setup their local RTK base, it’s not required to use our re-direct service. Any approach able to send RTK base data to the rover would be fine.

as read this team can only provide corrections to each other at a maximum distance of 10 km, but to get fixed rtk should be bought two teams one as a base and another as rober ----
makes shipping to the whole world

Survey application customers use one UPM-Std Kit and 3rd party Trimble/Leica RTK base station with Virtual Reference Station (VRS) service, then there is no 10Km baseline limitation issue.

For customers that use RTK for precision guidance in a fixed land area, requiring centimeter-level accuracy relative positioning between rover and a local reference, then they use two UPM RTK kits for rover and a locally setup RTK base, without need of using 3rd party RTK base station service. In this case there is baseline length issue, roughly 7Km for GPS/GLONASS RTK and 10Km or more for GPS/Beidou RTK.

ok I understand that I only need 1 UPM-Std Kit to be able to receive rtk corrections if I have my own virtual station Reference Station (VRS) ,

the query is if I buy a single kit I should always buy the plan to activate the rtk correction on polaris equipment