Alpha + weak point

You have to be very careful with the micro usb connection.
It separates from the plate very easily. The union is very weak.

Too bad, now that he had made it work.

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Under normal use, if pulling the USB cable horizontally, there won’t be an issue.

If pulling the USB cable and bending it upward, indeed it may break the USB connector soldering contact.

same case for me i used a shorter usb cable but it hooks and found the usb connector at the end of the cable so i used the side connection for power to connect to a usb wire denuder
même cas pour moi, j’ai utilisé un câble usb plus court mais il accroche et a trouvé le connecteur usb à l’extrémité du câble, donc j’ai utilisé la connexion latérale pour l’alimentation pour se connecter à un fil usb dénuder

Thank you very much for your help. I will try to do the same.
I wonder if this type of lateral connection also serves to connect the Alpha to the PC to make use of RTKviewer?
A greeting.

I found another problem with Alpha+, when hitting the ground with the pole, the TNC terminal has detached and now it is loose and sometimes it does not give a signal (STATUS: INVALID) or poor signal of some constellation