Buying 2 units for UAV, Usage Plan, Services, etc.



I am planning to buy 2 units (i.e. UPM-Lite Kit and UPM-Std Kit) for base and rover for UAV Mapping.

Is one order of ONE YEAR Usage Plan is good to activate 2 units Alpha for RTK and raw measurement SD-card logging capability?

Or I don’t need Usage Plan but only the Floating IP base re-directing service $45 per 6 months?

I like to hear from you soon, so I can buy.

Thanks, Noli



I bought 2 units for the same purpose. I bought one standard kit with a license and another starter kit with no license. I was told to use the starter as a base and the standard on the UAV but i never got it to work. Had problems with recording the shutter signal input. But everything else worked great.



Also i should mention that the PPS (time stamp sync) only has the ability to be a master signal not a slave signal. Depending on the UAV and the application this might cause problems too.



Camera flash / shutter signal to Apha RTK receiver not working, so never manage to get the PPK working.

How did you manage to get mosaicked map from the result (geotagged photos) this system? Is it good, or you have not produce any map from using this Alpha RTK system?



So PPS pin 2 signal only works if it is base / master, not rover / slave. Not so good news for the other use in UAV aside from mapping (i.e. camera).

Pin 2 —> 1PPS (1 pulse per second) output signal

If I am not mistake Pin 3 ( i.e. (Pin 3 ----> External camera trigger input signa1) is for the time stamping)) for the flash signal (e.g. hot shoe signal ). I think this is pin for time stamp sync.



Nope i gave up trying to get geotagging working. Went with a different unit. I use the standard unit to create GCP’s however. But the starter kit is basically useless when it comes to any sort of uav/robot integration. Sync rates (hz) are only 1hz and the IO interface is very limited in functionality( even more so than the standard alpha). I was looking into integrating this unit into our UAV multi-sensor project but quickly realized it was best used as a GCP collector



Hi nsicad,
Is one order of ONE YEAR Usage Plan is good to activate 2 units Alpha for RTK and raw measurement SD-card logging capability?
–>An ONE YEAR Usage Plan is for one unit. In your case you will need 2 Usage Plans.

Or I don’t need Usage Plan but only the Floating IP base re-directing service $45 per 6 months?
–>“Floating IP base re-directing service” is NTRIP Caster service. If you set up your Caster server, you will not need to purchase one.



Thanks Jim.

I will buy if I can get a good explaination about the 4-pin connector to camera.

4-pin connector especially Pin 3 would be probably the key to make the PPK working.

What sort of cameras are working with 4 pin connector? Is the pin 3 a trigger to camera? However, it is IN. It must be a time mark / time stamp to the RTK receiver for PPK purposes?



Yeah, this has got me confused too.

I am planning on using this on my mapping UAV.

  1. I need the Std Kit to be able to connect to my nearest CORS ntrip server, I assumed I can do that by connect the unit to my android device. This is to obtain the accurate coordinate of my take off location. Once I get the coordinate, the connection to the cors is no longer needed.

  2. I would use the Lite kit on the UAV only for the time mark stamp from my camera hot shoe. For this we need a detail explanation which pin for what. Normally there would be 3 wires, 5v - ground - time mark

  3. Question : Do I need to buy 2 separate license for my purpose ?

  4. Question : Any good tutorial how to connect from the std kit to the lite kit ? I suppose we have to wait until the lite kit get a fix status before launch the uav.




I wonder if the guys working at Polaris still watching the forum. Maybe the CEO is also the designer, engineer, web admin, and customer support.



Sorry for the late reply.
And about your plan, I think we can summarize it as what follows

  1. You purchase a UPM-Std kit and a Usage Plan for it. You will use UPM-Std as base.
  2. You purchase a UPM-Lite kit and a Usage Plan for it. You will use UPM-Lite as rover on your UAV.
  3. Find a good position to set up your base antenna (antenna needs to have a clear skyview 30 degrees above the horizon) The location of base antenna should be within 7KM range from your rover.
  4. Configure your UPM-Std as rover and get location from CORS. You get the accurate coordinate of UPM-Std and record it. (This is one-time operation)
  5. Configure your UPM-Std as base, and set its location as you got from step 4.
  6. Configure your UPN-Lite as rover, to get RTK correction data form base you set up in step 5.

We do not sell hot-shoe adapters for camera shutter triggering right now. You may need to DIY for this time moment.



Thanks Jim. I have hot shoe adapter with 3 wires. 1 to the ground, 1 to the center pin, and another 1 to the center pin with 10k resistor. Any information how to connect the wires to upm lite?



The hot-shoe’s central pin gets get short circuited to the ground when a camera trigger comes.
The pin 3 of Alpha’s 4-pin connector needs a pull-high (1.5V - 5V) to record a trigger.
Therefore you need a glue circuit between your adapter output and pin 3 input.