Can Alpha+ outuput NMEA+Skytraq data at the same time ?

The uBlox receivers can record a .ubx log in dual NMEA+uBlox mode so you have NMEA for the realtime RTK solution and then you can do PPK or PPP with the .ubx log later if needed. Is it possible to do the same with the Alpha+ and log data both in NMEA and SkyTraq formats at the same time ? Thank you.

Hello, when the alpha is in mobile mode, the output file is nmea, but you can record raw data by pressing the side button, it will record all the way into a single raw file


To record raw data pressing the bottom, Alpha+ needs to be in base mode first

Thank you, “Bottom”, did you mean “button” ?
So it’s not possible to have both SkyTraq Raw and NMEA (with RTK solution) at the same time like on the uBlox ZED-F9P ?

Yes, I mean “button”. I think it’s not possible

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That’s too bad, I suppose you can’t have all the same features for a lower price…

I am 98% sure that no matter what mode it is in, when you press the side button to save, the raw file will be saved in skytraq format

Thank you, yes I see in the manual that raw data (RTCM or SkyTraq ?) will be recorded to the SD card when it’s inserted, per the manual : “Press this button for more than 3 seconds will enable/stop logging measurement data to SD Card.”

Check this

Thank you, yes that would work for post-processing but in the original question I was wondering if you could do RTK with the Rover and still record a raw file, which we found out above could be done by setting the output in Rover Mode to be NMEA and logging raw data on the SD Card by pressing the button for 3 seconds to start and 3 seconds to stop the recording, so a bit less convenient then your method.

Just try and share us your results. I’ve just already tried and PC said that files was corrupted.

In rover mode doing RTK positioning, Alpha+ can log in SkyTraq raw measurement format to SD-Card by pressing the push button for more than 3 seconds until the LED near the SD-Card start flashing. Press the push button for more than 3 sec to stop logging.

Below program need to be used to convert the SD-Card log file to RINEX format for post-processing on a Windows PC.


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Thank you for confirming.

@bacsergio - I don’t have an Alpha+ yet unfortunately ! You logged data by pressing the button twice ? The manual says you must stop logging manually before turning off the Alpha+ if not the data will be corrupted. If you did, are you able to record raw data without corruption in Base mode ?

Yes, I stopped by pressing the button for 3 seconds until light stop flashing, in rover mode.

Ah that’s worrying, and if you’re in base mode the raw logs get recorded OK on the SD card ?

In base mode all OK for me

ok, maybe @jackson.lee can point to a setting that would fix the logging problem in Rover mode.

Alpha+ logs RTCM format raw data to SD-Card, will need to use RTKLIB’s RTKCONV to convert to RINEX format. Mixed up with SkyTraq binary format, my bad.

Thank you for clarifying. Bacsergio was saying the file recorded on his SD card with the 3s press method was corrupt though, so couldn’t be read at all?

Didn’t see such issue from our side. Probably good to delete all files from the SD-Card, or format into FAT32, and try again if experiencing issues.