connect server

hello alpha user could you confirm that you arrived to connect to the server alpha because I can not I will have to return the user to confirm whether or not the server answers or not because I end up with é alpha that starts in rom mode the service tells me to update to fix my problem but servers do not respond

in my rtkviewer version update tells it can not find update server to update rtkviewer.
I updated it manually from a link here ( polaris-gnss.com/rtkviewer.zip or something)
( I tested even via VPN to be in Taiwan)

I could not get firmware check by rtkviewer.exe by going into 9600 speed. It just wont connect then.

-I am now buying now rf-link for base-rover Alpha data ports. Takes some time to find operational pair.
I don’t now its baud speed? Has anyone any idea?
( Problems to find flexible and good small standalone 868MHZ Lora device. )

I can not find any instructions to use polaris-gnss.com server for caster server. Or if it is available with fixed ip.

hello i have test with vpn but do not work server on a problem i think but the team polaris tells me that i am the only client who can not connect to the server but now i am not alone
buy 3dr radio for cheap drone and runs on alpha

We thought the server connection issue was single incidence with romucifer. Seeing JJK also mentioning having this issue with RTK Viewer, will have engineering checking how we can reproduce the issue and fix it.

Previous crash issue was due to comma being used in place of decimal point for some languages, which didn’t come to our attention before someone mentioning it. This server connection issue likely also to be something non-obvious, not baud rate related as it works for others.

The RTK rover’s base data input baud rate is 115200.

How to setup RTK base with floating IP and fixed IP is described in Appendix 2 and 3 of the user guide, https://www.polaris-gnss.com/Alpha_RTK_Receiver_User_Guide.pdf

Hi romucifer,

Please see if this RTK Viewer test version can now work for you. Some points to note:

  1. When connecting Alpha to RTK Viewer for configuration, remember to have interface selection LED lighted on USB and with slide switch on position A.

  2. After making physical USB cable connection between Alpha and PC, first time using RTK Viewer to connect, on some PC we sometimes see Device Detection Failed! Unable to find supported device message. Please simply click the RTK Viewer Connect button again and it’ll work.

To recover your Alpha from 9600 ROM mode: (1) use RTK Viewer to connect with Alpha using 9600, (2) from menu bar select Updates --> Check Firmware Update, (3) follow the instruction to recover.



hello now rtkviewer connect to the server thanks for your quick update
unfortunately a new problem after looking for firmwares that writes unknown rom type
in your screenshot to solve the connection problem we see a software rtkviewerupdater
could you provide it and the firmware to solve my problem of alpha mode rom thank you

hello here is a video of the error that this product
iframe src=“https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=910EA92A7486A4A5&resid=910EA92A7486A4A5!318&authkey=AD6XNhbRZ2sc-38” width=“98” height=“120” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no”>

Good to know from email you have one Alpha restored to working state. The other one with $ STI, error IC = 6 message will need to wait till next Monday for me to check with engineering.