Contact and email Polaris

My friend bought two kits and two licenses but is unable to contact you and not enter your account: email jripanema@uol.com.br. I already signed in with my account and sent a message but also no reply. We have requested several times a temporary password but it is not enough and I did a test with requesting a temporary password for my account and also did not arrive, I believe there is some error in the server sending temporary passwords because not even in the spam box.

Confirmed, there is no answer to a temporary password at the link https://www.polaris-gnss.com/livesite/forgot_password.php. Please check, or confirm by which email we can send to confirm the payment of the plans and send the serial numbers to receive the keys of the plans. We are trying 2 days.

Sorry for the late response during the weekend time.

Please send the serials of your Alpha devices to info@polaris-gnss.com to ask for license codes.

I will check this “reset password” function of forum later.

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Ok, no problem, we will send now the email. Thank you.
ps.: just to confirm, the problem “reset password” is in the “contact” form, not the “forum”, thanks again.

Thank you for the information!

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