CORS Software RTCM

Hello! how are you?
I want to know if Alpha RTK can be used as a cors station?

Does the equipment withstand long periods of continuous operation?

How can you configure rtklib strsvr so you can use the RTCM3, RTCM3 + protocol?


Alpha RTK is compatible with SNP Ntrip Caster software and skytraq protocol to then transcode to RTCM 2/3 / +?

Any additional recommendation?

Generally only dual or multi frequency RTK receivers are used for CORS. So we don’t believe single frequency Alpha can be used for CORS to provide RTK base service to other brand/model RTK receivers. It can only be used as continuously operation RTK base station to service other Alpha RTK receivers.

ok I understand thank you very much

hello how are you the version + can already be used continuously as a cors to corejisr other gnss models

can it be used as cors?

It probably makes less sense to use a $400 RTK receiver as CORS to service other much more expensive RTK receiver rovers. Likely the other way around would makes more sense ?

Hi Lee.
The raw message base configuration (Configure as Base / RTCM) makes Rover Float very bad.
I hope you fix this problem on Alpha + (Supports GPS signals L1 / L2C, Beidou B1I / B2I, Galileo E1 / E5b, GLONASS L1 / L2.)
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Mr. Tran

Please update Alpha+ to the April 8th version firmware, it fixed two Alpha+ base/rover pair GLONASS RTCM issue that you mentioned.