Deviated Position Fix

False fixed
Hi. I like the S100
I noticed a false “FIXED” when it is 5m I can see it easily but when it is less than 1m and variable it is more delicate and disturbing.
for example :
1- FIXED in an open environment.
2-FIXED in the middle, close I measure the points “101”
4-FLOAT in the middle, close it is normal and a moment after FIXED I measure the points “102”
3-FIXED at point “102” I notice an offset of 5 m.
4- I return to an open environment, I turn off and restart the smartphone and the S100. I have FIXED so I set up point 101 and have an offset of 0.79m which I do again after having an offset of 1.93m.
With a base at 53 km. Are there any settings to change from the original setting.

I recently had the same problem, using Alpha+ as a base and S100 as a rover, but at a distance of 37 km from the base, with a clear sky and a strong mobile signal, almost at sea level.
I think maybe distance is the problem and Polaris products should be used with no more than 30 km of baseline, as described in the S100 and Alpha+ manual