Difference between Alpha and Alpha plus. Pros and Cons?

Can i use it here in the Philippines?

Yes. It works in the Philippines too.

Hello Jim!
I look forward to the launch of Alpha +.
I have this question. Are Alpha and Alpha + compatible with each other?
Because right now I’m using a pair of Alpha (Base and Rover)

Alpha+ works with Alpha, but it will be in a backward compatible mode. You will not enjoy the benefit of dual frequency reception.

When using my Alpha base with Alpha rover I get RTK fix.
When using my Alpha base with Alpha+ rover I do not get RTK fix. It does achieve RTK float and sporadically it will very briefly get an RTK fix (< 1sec). Any ideas why I can’t get the same performance with the Alpha+?

The cause may be that the satellite channel assignment differs between Alpha and Alpha+.
If possible please use Alpha+/Alpha+ and Alpha/Alpha pairs.