Fixe position with public caster

Hi everyone,

i try to have a fixed position with a public caster but without success. I have only GPS Statu.

Alpha+ i up to date and I receive correction data.

The caster may not be compatible with Alpha+?

Thank you, and have a good day

I’ve been having the same problem intermittently over the last month with a Polaris S100. I have found that if I perform a Cold Start, it usually fixes the problem. Occasionally I’ve had to repeat this procedure to get it to work. It looks like the Alpha plus uses similar software to the S100, so hopefully this procedure is available to you.

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I have a problem similar.
My s100 remains in float and am only 4km from base.
It does not show base location and base satellites.
Am using surpad4.2 field software.

Both S100 and Alpha+ require using RTK correction service with supported format mountpoint. Choosing non-supported format mountpoint will result in unable to get RTK Fix. See below user guide section 7. If choosing correct supported format mountpoint and still unable to get stable RTK Fix, can follow Appendix A-3 procedure to provide log files for analysis.


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