Historic Usage Plan Model Ending August 31, 2021


The reason for above is:

For customers that have us write reduced amount on the shipping invoice, some that got inspected by their local customs resulted in penalty fine and customs duty tax > 2X than actual price purchased.

For customers that have actual purchase amount on the shipping invoice, some that got inspected by their local customs resulted in 100% customs duty tax than the normal 30% that we know. Customs duty percentage seems to be without rule and at whims of the inspector.

For shipping invoice amount over $1000 FedEx does not help with customs duty processing and require the customer find some customs broker to help clearing customs.

All these issues create excessive overhead for us when customers comes back to us for assistance.

In light of this, we are resorting to below 2-phase purchase process to reduce the above issues for us with actual purchase amount on the shipping invoice, and to help lower customs duty for the customers. As the license activation approach will be same as the earlier Usage Plan Model (UPM) activation method, we need to end the earlier UPM offer to introduce this new approach.


If I order before Sep. 1 but the package arrives in our customs later, when they check the price on the website, is there a way they can see the old value at $499?

Although in my case, I have ordered twice from Polaris and I did not receive any penalty from customs despite the reduced amount on the shipping invoice. Just asking in case our customs decided to become more stringent.

It’s already $799 :pensive::joy:

I think the above situation refers in majority cases to Latinamerican customs :customs: :smirk:

Can refer the asking party to the price adjustment blog, https://www.polaris-gnss.com/blog/s100-price-adjustment, which below image has been added, and also showing Paypal payment invoice. So long as the numbers match, there should be no issue.

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I may have misunderstood the post before. Just to clarify, the 2-phase purchase process will start after August 31? So, the indicated price for the S100 in the shop will be $125, with the license activation in a separate item. Am I correct?

The S100 Receiver will be listed as $125 for example. After license activation is purchased later, it becomes S100 RTK Receiver. The purpose is to reduce the customs duty problem for customers; i.e. even if taxed 100%, it’ll just be a fraction of the total price.

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Thank you for the clarification.