NTRIP Caster with Fixed IP

I am new to Polaris GNSS. I have completed a short baseline RTK test using a laptop and successfully achieved RTK FIX. But when I have tried “GIS Survey Using Locally Setup Base/PC and Phone Connection” , I faced the problem. I followed the instruction in appendix 3 (A 3 NTRIP Server/Caster Setup for Users With Fixed IP ) but unable to get the RTK correction in mobile.
Note : I am using Alpha lite kit (Not Alpha +).

Please check and suggest.

The cause is that the PC firewall is preventing connections from LAN devices (mobile phone) in your case. If you need to test this in your LAN, disable your PC firewall and try again.

192.168.x.x is a IP address in LAN, not a IP address you can access from Internet. In general cases, the caster IP address on the app settings should be the fixed IP and port of your PC seen from outside the Internet, if we want the rover to be kilometers away from the base.

Another easier solution is to subscribe RTK BASE REDIRECT SERVICE.