NTRIP Server for Android Phone Available


Please can you confirm Ntrip caster Host and port number?. The Mountpoint, user id and password is my choise? Thanks.

Please send an email to info@polaris-gnss.com with below blue color information. And we’ll provide related information needed to connect with our RTK base re-directing server described in User Guide Appendix A-2.

Subject: Rover side network link shows first “Network connecting” and then “Network is dropped”. Hence Rover is not getting any data Re-directed from Polaris Server.
First , we downloaded android app from play store on an android phone to make it base server. Then we entered User id , Port , IP address etc. Then we linked with blue tooth, the Base correction data at 115200 baud rate to android phone . It shows “Server On line”. Also the dotes on phone display show right movement. Now we assume that the Base data is being sent to Polaris server for re-directing successfully.
On rover side after operating the Lefebure NTRIP Client and insterting ip port etc. we observe that it shows network connecting and then network dropped.
Please guide what could be the problem . is it the long distance between polaris server in Taiwan and our receiver in India Delhi.Or something else.

SC garg

It should be problem with your Lefebure NTRIP Client App settings. Please send an email to info@polaris-gnss.com and provide a screen capture of the Lefebure NTRIP Client NTRIP Settings page, for us to understand what you entered.

Will it work with any mobile network provider? Most of them here in Australia do not work with port forwarding as they setup through CGNAT by a provider.

Is you redirect service overcoming this issue? And can I test it first to see if it works in that strange environment before I subscribe to it for $45?

I also like the idea of a base working with my mobile phone. Your redirect service if it works with any type of mobile connection(even with the one that does not support port forwarding) seems to be an ideal way for me.

Please contact me for further information about your concerns.

Is your ntrip server android can working with your oem standard kit?
How can we don’t this caster with your oem kit

You can set up your own RTK caster of course.
If you pay to use our caster, you just don’t need to take care of it.

How much the cost?
How can I make setup

45 USD for half a year. This is the link: