NTRIP Sever/Caster Setup for Users Without Fixed IP

In the Alpha_RTK_Receiver_User_Guide guide, page 51
Set the output stream options as follows. Press the OK button to return to the STRSVR dialog when finished.The red color NTRIP Caster Host IP and Port Number are provided by Polaris to Base Data Redirecting Service subscription customers.The blue color Mountpoint and password are specified by customer at time of subscription application
Field / Description / Example.
NTRIP Caster HostEnter your Caster URL or IP address. / 60.250.205,31
Port / Ente the port used Caster./ 4999.
Mountpoint / Enter Caster mount point name / My_GLO_BASE
Password / Enter password to access base data /1234
IP and Port of NTRIP Caster server is available when purchasing the Alpha RTK UPM-Std Kit and PLAN-UNLIMITED package?

Yes, we are in process of preparing a low-cost base data relaying subscription service to allow customers without fixed IP to send data from base to rover over the Internet. We are also adding information to the user guide explaining how customers with fixed IP can setup the NTRIP server/caster on their own. Both will be available before we ship out.

Hi jackson.lee
You can give me detailed instructions for installing NTRIP Server / NTRIP Caster.
Important is static IP and dynamic IP declaration.
I have been granted a static IP in Vietnam.
Thank you
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Mr Tinh

Please see Appendix-3 of the user guide on page-53.

I have received 2 sets of UPM-Std Alpha kit.
Thanks very much. It looks compact and very beautiful. The delivery service is very good.
Activated successfully.
I have some exchanges as follows:
01: RTK Viewer application does not work on Windows 64bit. (Works stable on Windows 7 32bit)
02: Configuration is not NTRIP Server / Caster Setup for Users With Fixed IP (this is very important).
Can online support via TeamViewer?
We look forward to your kind support.
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Mr Tinh

Some customers that experience RTK Viewer crash issue have it resolved by maximizing RTK Viewer to full screen mode before making the UART connection, i.e. clicking the rectangle beside the “X” on upper right corner of the RTK Viewer program.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please use this version that print out additional debug info for us: www.polaris-gnss.com/RtkViewer-20181018( , help capture the crash screen image for us.

Your 2nd fixed IP NTRIP Server setup question we do not understand. Does Appendix A-3 on page-51 of the user guide not work for you? https://www.polaris-gnss.com/Alpha_RTK_Receiver_User_Guide.pdf User with fixed IP can use Appendix A-3 method to setup NTRIP Server/Caster and use section 6-4-2 method to setup NTRIP Client to make connection to the locally setup RTK base NTRIP Caster.