Output files

Hello I bought 2 pieces of Alpha + to use in topography but I can’t get the output file I need
example of the file I need

The file I got so far using the settings

the data I need is found in this field of the gnss viewer

data collector Mio P550b + Carlson Survce 3.2

I appreciate any help
sorry google translation

Not sure if this helps: First see if you know name of the file format that you need. Then check available GIS Apps that works with external Bluetooth RTK receiver which one could output in the file format that you need.

Hello this program “FieldGenius 9” exports the data I need so it is to configure the data collection App
Thanks let’s go to more tests

Our engineer tested FieldGenius for Android can work with Alpha+ to work with 3rd party VRS base station. Perhaps you can simply use FieldGenius for Android?


I installed MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2012 on my Mio P550b collector with windows mobile 5 and the problem was solved.

Thanks to all

Configuring NMEA to output sigmas in survCe, survPC and others


step 1

step 2

step 3

Great contribution, excellent!

Just wondering if the above NMEA messages eg (GST, GNS etc) are also available for outputting with a S100?
Is someone with one able to check this?


I think I found the answer in the S100 manual…

Are there any plans to include any of the other NMEA messages as output options? eg GST, GNS

Hi, I still don’t use the s100 but I believe it’s just connecting to the GNSS Viewer and changing the nmea output as described