Radio link suggestions for RTK survey?


As the internet corrections do not seem to work well in my area, I am planning to use a base-rover pair locating the base at a known location by entering coordinates by hand and using a radiolink for sending corrections. My question is, how is this radio pair configured? Any suggestions for links over long distances? (Up to 10 kms line-of-sight)? Is there any preference for situations where line of sight is lost at some points (any frequency being less prone to loss of signal)?

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hello look aliexpress for transmetteur telemetry uav long range

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Yes, right, but I see a lot of them. Some use one frequency, others use another. Some ask described as “video” others data… I don’t know a thing about radio links. Don’t know how to physically connect them to the alpha and if I do need something to be configured on both tX and rXor just plug the radios and data is modulated correctly? Is this done through UART?

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hello use radio for telemetry frequency and power as you see transmitter and receiver with plug uart the connection plan are on guide alpha

look for this country légal mzh and mw

Ok, thanks a lot. Just one more thing. If I select UART, am I losing the Bluetooth connection with my mobile? I suppose not, but just to make sure. I don’t want to try to survey and discover my alpha is not sending coordinates to m program anymore.

hello no problem select Bluetooth in rover
uart To base

Is what @romucifer has said correct, @jim, @jackson.lee? Have you tried it? Has it worked for you, @romucifer, @idiriasl? Can I set the base in UART mode and rover in Bluetooth mode in order to get corrections over telemetry radio?
If this is correct, how will I know when the Base-Rover set is in Fixed RTK or Floating RTK, or any non-RTK mode?
I am confused with this topic, I am very interested in being able to do RTK via radiotelemetry for topographic surveys, since in most rural areas the mobile Internet network is null

Please see Appendix A-4 of the user guide on how the data flows with different settings, and you’ll know how to setup according to your needs.


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One simple concept is, to get RTK results, you connect base and rover with either network (Bluetooth or USB modes) or telemetry radio (UART mode) media.

With network connection:

With radio connection: