RAK811 LoRa, SMA + iPEX interface, support the Global Multiple Bands works for Alpha+ UAV Telemetry?

RAK811 LoRa Module Breakout Board, SMA + iPEX interface, support the Global Multiple Bands for Alpha+ UAV Telemetry?

If these radios work in Pixhawk, then it might work in Alpha+ Base and Rover.

Will the LoRa module with support the Global Multiple Bands works for Alpha+ UAV Telemetry?


With usb

The Lora module works AT commands.



HopeRF HM-TRP will work and cheaper. But I think this use by 3DR Radio. Short range as you can see in the SiK radio github below.

RAK 811 is 3 km range.

Here are chat about this 811 and AT commands.

Using Wisnode v1.2 and FW version can change baud rate to 9600 as instructed (successfully).
However, AT command: “at+set_config=lora:app_key:” can not be set at 9600 baud rate.
It works at 115200 but not at 9600.

This is related to baud rate discussion here:


I saw that in S100 have various radio baud rate (i.e. 9600, 19200 and 57600) that works.

So, if we have setup this RAK 811 to baudrate at 19200 then would work with Alpha+ Base and Rover, I think.

We are trying to emulated this RFD 900x that works in Pixhawk and also works in Alpha and Alpha+



Frequency Range:  902 – 928 MHz (USA) / 915 – 928 MHz (Australia)
Output Power: 1W (+30dBm), controllable in 1dB steps ( +/- 1dB @=20dBm typical )
Air Data transfer rates: 4, 8, 16, 19, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, 192 and 250, 500 kbit/sec ( User selectable, 64k default )
UART data transfer rates: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 400k, 921k baud  ( User selectable, 57600 default )
Output Power: 1W (+30dBm)
Receive Sensitivity: >121 dBm at low data rates, high data rates (TBA)
Size: 30 mm (wide) x 57 mm (long) x 12.8 mm (thick) – Including RF Shield, Heatsink and connector extremeties
Weight: 14.5g
Mounting: 3 x M2.5 screws, 3 x header pin solder points
Power Supply: +5 V nominal, (+3.5 V min, +5.5 V max), ~800 mA peak at maximum power
Temp. Range: -40 to +85 deg C, tested operational from -73 to +123 deg C.

So, i think the best baud rate would 57600 (default) in the Rdf900 .

Rdf900 settings for Alpha+ Base and Rover.


Hopefully, we can find a cheaper alternative for Alpha+ radio. I think this radio has less than 1 km, I think.

RAK 811 has 3 km range.

Please Can you share the radio brand and model?