RAW data logger for post processing

Is it possible to log raw data phase
then we can post processing with open source ( ex. RTKLIB)

Yes! Please check out this blog: https://www.polaris-gnss.com/blog/rtklib-post-processing-with-alpha

Thank you
Your lite price is 60us$
then we need to buy unlimited use for 190 also ?
is it right ?

Depending on customer’s usage requirement, could choose $40/month or $190/unlimited usage options.

So. On total Will be 60+190 , right?
This still low cost i think

It’s : UPM-Lite Kit $60 + Perpetual Use $190 + FedEx Shipping $25.

For those that just want raw data logger for RTKLIB post processing, now there is a $99 RTK Starter Kit available.


  1. Can I configure your RTK Starter kit for 5Hz data?
  2. What can micro_SD type that support your board ?
  3. Can I use you GPS viewer for Baudrate or output setup via USB ?

The $99 RTK Starter Kit is 1Hz only with 16GB micro-SD Card included. RTK Viewer can be used to configure the RTK receiver, including the output baud rate, via the USB port.

Ok… So

  1. Can i change to 5Hz via GPS viewer ?
  2. What is the different between your previous NS-HP series?
    can I use your NS-HP firmware update ?

RTK Starter Kit only supports 1Hz RTK and carrier phase measurement operation, unable to set to higher update rate with RTK Viewer or GNSS Viewer. SkyTraq’s NS-HP firmware does not work on our Alpha and Starter Kit RTK receivers.

I can not see a micro-sd port ini your starter kit. How can be raw data logged at your starter kit

It’s on the back side.


Could you share a schematic diagram of your starter board please?

It’s proprietary information.