ReachView3 (UTM) en Alpha+

Colleagues of the forum, in my country the format is not used or it is not common to use geographical coordinates,(Chile), recently a software that works with UTM coordinates came out, the ReachView 3, in its beta version, which works in UTM metric coordinate mode, which It solves many problems for me especially when staking, The query is if someone has used it with Alpha + and how is its integration with this equipment ?, I already downloaded it, but I have not yet purchased the equipment for testing. I don’t know if this is free software or it was created for Emlid’s friends, if someone can clarify it I would appreciate it.
Greetings to all.

ReachView3 uses wifi to connect to gnss, alpha doesn’t have wifi

MapIt GIS can be used with S100 or Alpha+. Below is its description on UTM.