RF-Link with long range

I’m want use the Polaris for a quadcopter.
Witch RF-Link con you promise to use for Long range (About ~10km)
It´s possible to use a GSM module with internet and share the Data directly over IP? It is this fast enough?


  1. LoRa Radio Telemetry products are popular. You can try it.
  2. It is also possible to use the NTRIP server/caster/client structure via 4G internet link. You will need to have a fixed IP at NTRIP caster.

More detail how can we use lora??
I use lora E32 with no success

Please any examples??

Thank you

You can imagine LoRa Radio Telemetry to be a wireless replacement of the TTL cable we include in the UPM-Std Kit.

Find out the UART Tx/Rx pins and connect it with Alpha’s corresponding ports. If you are using this http://www.ebyte.com/product-view.aspx?id=34, pin3 and pin4 are the TTL UART pins (http://www.ebyte.com/downpdf.aspx?id=34).


Is this good news?
I have no luck using lora e32 series with your board
Any detail examples orang picture would be great

From the documents:


So the connenction should be
Alpha E31
2 4 (TTL)
3 3 (TTL)
1 6 (VCC)
6 7 (GND)

dear Jim
Actually I can sending and get RTCM protocol data streaming
I check this with GNSS Viewer software
but… when I connect to the Rover unit
it does not work
but when I use xbee-Pro Radio, it work well
Please make a demo video when you use Lora Radio

thank you

Using Xbee-Pro radio and LoRa radio should be similar: connect the pins correctly. Please share your current work here and I will try to see what is needed to fix this issue.

I think Lora E32 series vs xbee there are little Italy different when handling binary data stream
But when I use lora for ASCII data (i.e. NAMA protocol) … Is not problem
But when I sending your skytraq binary or RTCM3 format then i can not make it work
But I still can see some SNR Bar comming in gnss viewer not rtk viewer software

#NMEA protocol not NAMA

Hi caris
You should configure telemetry to deliver binary data when using RTCM protocol.

I try to use transparent mode with no luck with LORA
So, ease share if you have any success using Lora radio
Thank you