rtk application for pc and in the android app negative values (Issue Resolved)

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in the rtk application for pc and in the android app
does not allow negative values both Latitude: 18.4667 and Length: -69.9000 can be positive or negative
when you are using geografigo system
18.4667 -69.8833 DD COORDINATES
18 ° 28’0.12 “N -69 ° 52’59.88” W DMS COORDINATES
unless it’s UTM
19Q 406737.64221785 2042048.3923642 UTM

for this reason I can not configure both applications correctly.

keep this in mind for the next update
agradesido in advance
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There is North/South selection for latitude, and East/West selection for longitude. Please simply choose South or West instead of entering negative numbers.


Hi dmecca,
Please try the updated Polaris NTRIP Client V1.6.

Thank you for the input.

hello thank you very much for the quick and effective response.

thank you for tamar find my comments

Hi how are you
the ip option should support hots domain name
so you can use corrections of cors stations that publish your data with domain name and not with ip

the option should support both ip and domain name

I hope you take this into consideration

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Thank you for the suggestion; we will consider adding this feature.


Greetings to all your work team


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Please check this topic out. Perhaps it helps your work with Alpha and VRS/CORS.

Jim Lin
Polaris GNSS Team