RTK Base/Rover Help

So, I am getting closer!

I have successfully set up an RTK Base with fixed IP and port forwarding. I show packets sent and received with the STRSVR application. Great!

Now, I am having a little trouble figuring out why my latitude longitude does not show up at correct location. I use an application with our local County GIS and it does not show the correct spot on the map. I want to use the Alpha RTK for finding the edge of property boundaries. Can you help me interpret why the results are a little bit off?

The rover’s position is only accurate RELATIVE to the RTK base station’s position. Therefore if you want the rover’s absolute position to be accurate, the base station’s absolute position must also be known first. If there is a point within 10km whose absolute position is known, then position your RTK base there. Alternatively, doing an average for the Base over a long period of time may be accurate enough for you.

Ok. What is best way to get an avg over long period? Do I set up base and rtkviewer over 24hrs and then do I just read latest lat/lon in rtkviewer?

The best way to get rover’s accurate position is to use a VRS or CORS system.

Or you can set up your base at a public survey marker.

Taking average position over long time can help, but it is not accurate anyway.

By the way, your rover (and base?) seems near building or walls. This reduces the received strength of GNSS signals.

Please check this topic out. Perhaps it helps your work with Alpha and VRS/CORS.

Jim Lin
Polaris GNSS Team