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Dear everyone

We have a topographic survey project, we would like to increase no. of rovers. Can radio receiver be mounted on Polaris RTK rovers? We have a operating Leica base station. If we increase polaris RTK rovers, can we get corrections from the same base?

There is no limit on number of rovers to operate with a base, so long as you can have ways to send the base data to the rover.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not talking about the no. of rovers. I’m talking about what radio modems can be attached to polaris RTK rovers in order to receive correction.

I can’t see any radio modems attached to the rovers in the pictures.

In the picture, NTRIP Client running on the Android phone is used to connect to remote RTK correction service over Internet, and sending the correction data to RTK receiver via Bluetooth. No radio is used.

Not sure it’s easy to choose external radio add-on to work with radio link of Leica RTK base, since the radio link related information seems not available publicly.