I would like to know which correction format can receive rtk polaris from a coors base CRM, CMR, RTCM2.3, RTCM3.0 or RTCM 3.1

Since connecting the polaris kit to the local network only DPS


RTCM 3.0 or 3.1 is needed.


we have configured the base station to transmit in RTCM 3.0 format and polaris rtk has only reached floating rtk

the base is a distance of 2 km but we will continue testing to see if it reaches a fixed rtk — and verify the accuracy of it ---- thanks for the technical support


I have a question to be able to receive rtk correction, I must always configure ntrip lefebure client or I can do it directly from another application that allows the use, such as hypergis or survey master


We haven’t tried the other software you mentioned, not sure if they are locked to particular hardware they sell, you can always try and find out.


I have done the field tests usually I only get flot very rarely I get fixed but the application marks HRMS 0.008m which would be prefect but the problem is given when I release the points in civil cad 3d the distance between is above 0.50 m example perform the test of placing a tape on ground take read start 0 m and the end of 6 m but when I check the points on the pc has a distance of 6.5 m osea an error of almost 0.50 m