S100 firmware update

After doing the last firmware update on the two (2) S100s, it became very difficult, if not impossible, to get a fixed solution (fixed rtk),
in clear sky conditions, 12 or more satellites (GPS+GLONASS and portuguese national CORS ReNEP), good net connection and base at short distances (< 20km). This happened at 2km, 5km, 10km.

This problem is occurring in the same location where before the firmware update I got a fixed solution easily, in the two s100.

What could be the problem?


Try Cold Start in “Utility” tab > “Utilities”

I’ve already tried it and it didn’t work.

As no other customers have similar issue, please follow S100 User Guide Appendix A-3 Problem Reporting procedures to provide us log files to look into this particular problem.

Ok. I will do that. Thanks

As suggested I tried to follow appendix A-3, but I couldn’t get the logs. I launched the Polaris app without any problems, but when I launched the Lefebure app, I couldn’t run it. I get: “NTRIP: waiting for position from internal GPS receiver”. see attached image. I also attach the log I got from Lefebure.

On the other hand, I didn’t find any log or directory of the Polaris app at: /Android/data/com.polaris_gnss.s100/files/

Sent attachments to: info@polaris-gnss.com

Any Suggestions?

It appears many older App such as Lefebure NTRIP Client has problem storing files after user upgrades to Android 11.

We expect to have update version of Polaris Connect App to support debug logging on its own before end of this month. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, please review section 7 of S100 User Guide to make sure correct mount point is selected, to ensure your unable to get RTK Fix issue even at 2Km is not due to choosing unsupported base stream format.

Thanks for the information.
Meanwhile I deleted the logs of NTRIP Lefebure (NTRIP directory of Android) and the S100 seems to get RTK fix with distances from the base <30km.
I don’t know why
My question is: why Polaris app uses directory and logs of NTRIP Lefebure? and why do these interfere with obtaining the fixed solution

Polaris Connect App does not use Lefebure NTRP Client log file directory. Log files are unrelated to receiver RTK operation. Should just be some odd coincidence.

Hola, tengo el mismo problema a 30m de la estacion base de la red nacional de mi pais la solucion en flotante, la estacion base usa GPS+GLONNAS

Can you provide mountpoint selection table, to check if unsupported correction data stream format is selected, causing stuck in RTK Float issue?

Ip : regme-ip.igm.gob.ec
Port: 2101
Mountpoint rtcm 3 : SIEC3
Mountpoint rtcm 2.3: SIEC2

Please see S100 User Guide section 7, make sure supported RTCM 3 type mountpoint is selected. Choosing mountpoint with unsupported RTCM 3 type will result in unable to have RTK Fix problem.