S100 log file not converting

Hi, I would like to know if either of these RTCM log files from the S100 can be repaired/manually edited to allow them to process in rtkconv. All I can get from rtkconv are the first few records in the obs file.

Both files should contain ~ 7 hours of data.


Could someone please have a look and comment?

If there is a problem with these files, I am becoming concerned about the capability of the S100 to reliably log raw GPS data over multiple hours successfully. These will be the second and third files I have logged that cannot be processed - without any explanation as to why or how to prevent the problem occurring again in the future.

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Hello, really they are not converting, was this after the update?

No update since the previous log file that processed successfully.

These binary formats are a real problem - if something goes wrong. It’s possible that one observation is corrupted and the entire file becomes unreadable and impossible to edit and fix.

I understand I thought it could be after the update of the s100 receivers, unfortunately this never happened to me, but if I find any solution I will contact you

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Not sure why your log files are corrupted, unable to convert with RTKCONV.

The logged RTCM MSM4 measurement data is like S100 base mode streamed output, one bad data does not corrupt the whole file. Once could chop the log file into smaller size and it should still be usable.

Try (1) update your Polaris Connect App to latest version 1.56, (2) update your S100 RTK receiver firmware to latest, (3) delete all S100 log files, (4) first try 5 minutes data logging. After able to convert such short log file to RINEX, then later try logging longer time.

If still having problem, let me know and will provide a tutorial video next week.

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