S100 RTCM Log File for Online PPP Processing

Firmware for correct logging of quad-GNSS RTCM data to S100 receiver internal Flash memory has been updated. Please follow User Guide section 8-3 procedure to update Bluetooth module firmware.

After converting RTCM log file to RINEX 2.11 format using RTKCONV, there is one additional small modification needed prior to uploading to online PPP service such as AUSPOS. It’s described in version 1.13 User Guide section 7.2 item #4.

If not seeing version 1.13 version User Guide, click reload button of web-browser.

Boa tarde.
rtkconv pede o start time e eu usei o file time.
No processamento do PPP BRASIL da a mensagem que pode haver um erro no arquivo Rinex ou não existe arquivo de relógio e/ou efemérides.
Alguém sabe dizer o que posso fazer?

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Ppp Brasil result

Creio q esteja havendo um problema com o ajuste da horaá


Hello Lee,

I want to access some S100 RTCM test data for PPP / PPK processing.

Can you supply a link or file?


S100 is mainly for network RTK rover application. If wanting for PPP / PPK application, better off to choose other brand receivers.

I’m confused, what do “other brand receivers” do that the S100 can’t do for PPK and PPP ?

Other more expensive RTK receiver may have their own post-processing software. Workflow would be more integrated and easier to use.

S100 does not include any post-processing software, after converting to standard RINEX format, user is to choose 3rd party software for post-processing. Open-source RTKLIB’s RTKPOST might be a possibility.

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Seria possivel a polaris disponibilizar um video, ou tutorial, explicando como fazer esse processamento (pontos de base e rover) com o RTKPOST?
outra questão que tenho duvida seria sobre o processo de coleta dos pontos de Rover, usando o app da polaris todos os pontos de coleta ficam armazenados com arquivos separado, como faço para eles fazerem parte de um único arquivo .rtcm

OK, the closest competition like Emlid or Sparkfun doesn’t provide PP software either so it would have to be MUCH more expensive RTK solutions…and I’m not even sure they provide software either. As long as it’s possible to get Rinex files out of the Alpha+/S100 then everything can be done with RTKLib and PPP online sites.

S100 and Alpha+ in base mode can log data in RTCM format, which can later be converted to standard RINEX format using RTKLIB’s RTKCONV.

S100 is designed mainly for network RTK rover application. Although it can also be used for PPK/PPP application, it’s not its strong point. It’s like many smartphones have flashlight feature, one cannot complain it’s too dim compared to normal flashlights.

Please Google “RTKLIB PPK Tutorial”

Yes I’m quite familiar with RTKLib and there is a great site here where very useful RTKLib tutorials are provided : https://rtklibexplorer.wordpress.com/ - unfortunately it seems he’s never used Polaris/SkyTraq receivers. Maybe you should contact him !

Thank you for clarifying on S100 and Alpha+ in base more logging data in RTCM format and then having it converted with RTKConv (even if it’s logged in SkyTraq format possibly as RTKConv has an option for that). What about in rover mode ? Is it possible to log raw data and the solution data at the same time ?


I understand the base recorded an RTCM log and the rover survey points, the question was for the rover to be able to record a raw log when there is no local base, so in RTK internet mode.

S100 does not support rover mode RTK positioning and raw measurement logging at the same time.

ok but it seems possible on the Alpha+ with the SD card ?

In this case, (using mobile topographer) antenna height measure from the bottom of the pole to
a. top of the antenna or
b. the blue rubber of the antenna or
c. bottom plate of the antenna?