S100 RTCM Won't Convert in RTKLIB

I am unable to convert the RTCM produced by my S100 using RTKLIB. The process begins, however no conversion is made. I have collected the data using both Base data collecting and Rover data collecting.

I am trying to perform PPP to set a local benchmark using the GNSS so that I can survey using my robotic total station. I recently updated the Firmware.

Thank in advance for your assistance.

Attach the file, so we can take a look

Did you use the RTKCONV executable from the link in this blog?


I am using RTKCONV from Demo 5 b31a.

The link below is to the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lcgssw4osi1muwp/AAD92FnzY_GhAWp-WsBPNapxa?dl=0

I have tried multiple binaries, same result. It act likes it runs, but does not create any converted files.

They appear to be very large empty log files. Are you logging data outdoors under open sky following S100 User Guide section 5-3?

Correct RTCM log file contents