S100 RTK Rover

have with using telemetry radio on the s100?

Hello everyone!

I am encountering the following problem when I connect the S100 to the S100 Viewver:

Is the S100 viewver software in view mode and I cannot configure the settings / updates?


Using telemetry radio with S100 is more cumbersome, needing a USB host to receive data and output to UART.

If you can give me an example that how to do I would like to buy a s100 but in my region it does not work well with ntrip.
thanks ️

We are trying to work out some solution for that. Please wait.

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Please see S100 User Guide section 8-2 on page-42, the Polaris Connect App need to be first used to enable RTK firmware updating via USB port using the S100 Viewer.

When I try to process the rinex 2.11 file generated by rtkconv from rtcm, after this update PPP Brasil says:
Processing result
Base-2020-08-04-120053_2.zip file downloaded successfully. Checking Base-2020-08-04-120053_2.zip
Starting Base processing-2020-08-04-120053_2.obs - 1st File. Checking antenna (RINEX):, processing The Base-2020-08-04-120053_2.obs file was downloaded successfully but has not been processed. There are two main reasons for this: 1) There may be an error in the RINEX Base-2020-08-04-120053_2.obs file. 2) Clock and / or ephemeris files do not exist, in this case, it will be necessary to wait 3 hours if the screening is within Brazil or 48 hours if the screening is outside Brazil. If you are processing multiple files, remove Base-2020-08-04-120053_2.obs from the compressed file and process again.
what must be happening?

 2.11           OBSERVATION DATA    M (MIXED)           RINEX VERSION / TYPE

RTKCONV demo5 b33c 20200804 181929 UTC PGM / RUN BY / DATE
log: C:\Users\SAMSUNG\Desktop\Converter rinex S100\Base-20 COMMENT
format: RTCM 3, station ID: 0 COMMENT
unknown SKYTRAQ 03.00.01,11.07.32,e4REC # / TYPE / VERS
4028003.6126 -4248465.3309 -2524462.1785 APPROX POSITION XYZ
0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N
8 C1 L1 D1 S1 P2 L2 D2 S2 # / TYPES OF OBSERV
2020 8 4 12 1 26.0000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2020 8 4 18 0 36.0000000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS
20 8 4 12 1 26.0000000 0 13G 1G 3G 4G 7G16G22G26R 6R 7R 8R 9R10
23648578.911 124274120.923 -2820.721 41.000 23648582.131
96837016.786 -2197.955 42.000
20638216.694 108454562.993 -363.827 52.000 20638217.480
84510060.580 -283.507 51.000
21457653.623 112760731.171 320.069 48.000 21457651.799
87865485.268 249.408 49.000
21818333.966 114656115.132 2985.005 47.000 21818330.572
89342395.762 2325.966 45.000
22759930.048 119604233.066 742.152 47.000

21916695.176 115173004.090 -1957.174 47.000

24247840.662 127423269.830 -1400.005 38.000 24247848.392

As horas de observação estão erradas.
O horário das observações estão 3 horas ou mais a frente de quando eu comecei o rastreio.

Será que vocês conseguiriam fazer um executável para Skytraq transformar em rinex 2.11

Please check out below blog.


How to set the antenna height of the S100.
Thank you.

Hi Luis,
Polaris Connect app has a setting for pole length “Utility->Utilities->Pole Length”, which is for GIS tool in RTK Rover usage scenario.

If this is not your case, what do you plan to do with pole length setting?

Meu S100 novo está com 63mb de espaço livre e não consigo fazer ele voltar aos 260mb originais, já retirei todos os arquivos e não volta ao normal.
É ele não está conseguindo ter um bom resultado no pós processamento

Necessito de todas as especificações da antena o S100, é possível?

Please update your S100 firmware, Bluetooth firmware and Polaris Connect app to the latest version.
Click “Utility->Browse->Erase All Logs” to empty S100 flash memory.

If possible please send my your rover and base log files for analysis.

==== Portuguese ====
Atualize seu firmware S100, firmware Bluetooth e aplicativo Polaris Connect para a versão mais recente.
Clique em “Utilitário-> Navegar-> Apagar Todos os Logs” para esvaziar a memória flash S100.

Se possível, envie meu rover e arquivos de registro de base para análise.

How do I configure the S100 elevation mask quando estou obtendo arquivos brutos na base? What is the difference between the hyper Ga topcon antenna for the S100?

Tenho tentado fazer o pós processado com obstáculos, árvores e próximo de prédios mas o resultado é muito ruim.
Fiz uma comparação com o topcon hiper ga e deu muita diferença, o que posso fazer para melhorar o resultado do pós processado?
Ou é limitação do equipamento mesmo.
No topcon hiper Ga consegui milímetros com 4 horas e com o S100 muita diferença. 15 a 20 cm.
Embaixo de árvore não conseguiu sinal GPS.

Spec of $499 S100 clearly states it’s GPS L1/L2C receiver, not GPS L1/L2 C/A, P-Code like the $2500 Topcon Hyper Ga.

What this means is that for S100 only half of the tracked GPS satellites are dual-frequency, and all of the Topcon Hyper Ga tracked GPS satellites are dual-frequency.

PPP post-processing requires dual-frequency satellite signals to get accurate result. Under open sky, S100 only have half of dual frequency GPS satellites to use than Hyper Ga, requiring 2 ~ 4 hours to get around 10cm accuracy, and 24hr to get around 2 ~ 3 cm accuracy with PPP, rule of thumb.

Yet you intentionally operate S100 under signal blocked environment, of course the performance will be even worse.

Although S100 could be used for PPP, most online PPP service only uses GPS, so S100’s able to track additional dual-frequency satellites is useless for PPP.

Since price of S100 is only 20% of Hyper Ga. One possibility of using S100 for its strength rather than for its weakness is to use a pair of S100 for RTK. Use PPP to establish base location if don’t have access to RTK correction service, and use full quad-GNSS RTK capability of S100 for RTK. Then near building (signal blocked environment), S100 rover having more satellites to use than Hyper Ga, may still be able to use for RTK, getting centimeter results without needing to wait for hours with PPP.


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