S100 users in Australia

I’d like to contact users of s100 in Australia. Does anyone use this equipment in Australia?

I purchased one recently- it is in transit.

Hi Pablo, I’ve been using one since early September last year. I’m also writing software to use it as a data recorder in my existing CAD software (www.mapsoft.com.au). Software will only support it as a CORS rover using MGA2020 and Ausgeoid2020. Software cost is $50 ex GST for an annual licence. As I’m also a field surveyor, the software development has been slow, but I hope to have it ready by mid this year. Cheers Ian

Thanks Ian, I am investigating the options we have before buying it. Is there a chance to use the Auscors as an rtk ntrip with 1 unit without postprocess? The firm I used to work with used a paid service.

Hi Pete, what mode do you plan to use it ? RTK, PPK, PPP, paid ntrip?

Hi Pablo, Yes that’s exactly how I’m using it. Unit works pretty well, but in poorer locations, it can give a false FIX, so you have to be a bit careful. I’m based in NW Sydney. Happy for you to visit me for a demo if you wish. I also post process some of my data. Sometimes I want to store data for post processing and do RTK work simultaneously. If someone knows if that’s possible, I’d like to hear from you.

Sorry Ian, you mean Auscors as an rtk ntrip with 1 unit without postprocess or with a paid service?
Thank you for the offer.

Initially my plan is to use as an RTK rover with an emlid reach M2 running as base (corrections via ntrip- emlid reach caster)

Curious to see how it stacks up against my survey name brand receivers… hoping it will be a cheap lightweight alternative.

Correct Pablo. I use Auscors free service as RTK NTRIP with only 1 unit. I also have some really old Topcon Hiperlites that I use as a base / rover combination with radios and Magnet Field, but they are so old they are too slow to process the Auscors data!

Pete, I’ve been reasonably happy with the Polaris S100. Worst issue is the False Fixes. I’m onto my third firmware upgrade and this has changed the performance. The initial firmware, wouldn’t even think of going fixed in anywhere other than a clear spot. But the current firmware seems to work pretty well in poor locations. You may just have to wait a minute or so until the FIX stabilises. I’m happy to assist you if you are in Sydney.

Yes, I had heard that getting false fixes is an issue with these lower cost receivers.

Hopefully a firmware update will fix it. I’m in Brisbane.

Wondering if anyone with experience using the S100 can suggest how to avoid possible data loss. I have purchased 2 S100 units to use as remote base stations for a PPK processing workflow where the rover is a drone operating nearby. One of our contractors has had an issue where re-connecting to an S100 via bluetooth after 7 hours of logging becomes difficult or impossible. In turn, a compounding issue is that if you do not connect to the unit and stop logging gracefully, it will just lose all the days data if it runs out of power before a successful bluetooth connection to shut off for the day.

Really hoping anyone can comment and provide a suggestion as to how to avoid this and perhaps even correct our approach if the device is not actually at fault here.

I’m assuming that the contractors observations are correct, but perhaps it is possible to connect to the unit via USB to shut down/end the session ?

I have logged data for a maximum of 2 hours and have never experienced any data loss. Mostly I do close it down properly, but once my powerbank ran flat and the data was still there. I often have problems reconnecting to the S100 to switch off the data logging and/or download the data.
The way I resolve this is to “Force Stop” the S100 android app. Then when I reconnect to the S100, the first thing I try is a Cold Start. If this succeeds then I know I will be able to download the logged data to the Android device.

Thanks. That’s encouraging to know re data loss. Perhaps in my case the contractor just gave up and said the data was lost when actually they simply couldn’t get a re-connection to download it.

Can you elaborate on exactly what you mean by doing a “Cold Start” after force stopping the app and reconnecting to the S100?

Refer Screenshot. If you don’t get the message, you will need to continue to Force Stop the S100 app and reconnect to the S100 until you get the message that the Cold Start was successful.