Selected Q & A: aerial mapping application

I am looking to start a business with aerial mapping, with the use of GCP (GROUND CONTROL POINT), which requires extremely accurate measurements, and I would need, one of those poles I’m not sure what they are called but have the point at the bottom to precisely measure a location. The UPM STD kit, does that include everything I need to set up (I know it doesn’t come with the pole), but does it have instructions of how to set up and connect via Bluetooth to my phone?

If you wish to measure GCP location, yes the UPM-Std Kit can be used. We don’t supply the pole or tripod, you’ll need to purchase those to mount the antenna. You’ll need to check if having access to public or private RTK base station service that provides Virtual Referene Station (VRS) service. Alpha RTK works with most popular Trimble or Leica base station. If you have access to suche Trimble or Leica VRS base station service, then our UPM-Std Kit can determine the position of your GCP to centometer-level accuracy.

Our user guide will be available soon. It’ll show how to connect to RTK base station using NTRIP Client running on the Android phone, and how to connect to Alpha RTK receiver using Bluetooth using the same NTRIP Client. The video in this blog, https://www.polaris-gnss.com/blog/using-android-phone-for-rtk-survey-data-collection, also shows how to setup. From the Lefebure NTRIP Client Setting menu, Receiver Settings selects Alpha RTK receiver to connect with, NTRIP Setting sets the RTK base station connection name / password / IP / port / … It’s as simple as that!