Selected Q & A: antenna and kit selection

What antena recomend you for Agriculture measure ? (fields) High Precision Antenna or Survey Grade Antenna ?
UPM-STD KIT + UNLIMITED USAGE PLAN its ok for agriculture?

The larger antenna has a standard hole for mounting on a pole. The smaller antenna you’ll need to find way to mount onto a pole, or some surveyor put a velcro on the bottom and stick it to the top of a hat that he/she wears. The larger antenna has slightly better performance and also a multi-frequency antenna.

Yes, UPM-STD + UNLIMITED Usage Plan is the best configuration. Again, RTK rover needs a RTK base station to work with in order to get centimeter-level accuracy. You need to check if having access to public RTK base station or private RTK base station service that provides Virtual Reference Station (VRS) service; if yes, you only need a RTK rover. If not, then you’ll need to setup a local RTK base to work with the RTK rover when doing field measurement. Both antennas are very good, performance surpassing similar type antenna offered by other low-cost single frequency RTK vendors. In case you need to setup a local base, then for base/rover pair: two UPM-Lite, or one UPM-Lite + one UPM-Std, or two UPM-Std all will work.