Selected Q & A: GIS application

I own a 700 acre farm. I need to establish the boundary position ( about 30 - 40 points ) with reasonable accuracy to enable fencing. I can obtain the latitude and longitude of the points. I am seeking a means of positioning those points as I need them. I need greater accuracy than I have been able to obtain with ordinary GPS systems. Surveyors are difficult to co-ordinate and expensive.

By setting up a local base, one can use rover with Android GIS data collector App to collect location of those points. Since rover RTK is centimeter level accurate relative to the base, so long as the base antenna is not moved, later one can correctly navigate to the collected points using the RTK rover. The application concept is similar to what one does with 3m accuracy collected points and 3m accuracy GPS, only now it’ll be roughly 2cm accuracy collected points and 2cm accuracy GPS.

BTW, if there is public base station with Virtual Reference Station service (VRS) then only rover is needed, no need to setup your local base.