Selected Q & A: setup of base and location info when taking pic

I have a few questions about your UPM-Std Kit. Is the base station suitable to be left outside for extended periods of time? Your site says the Alpha can be triggered for syncing with image capture, is it possible to send the information over USB to a computer for incorporation in the image data/metadata?

Low-cost single frequency RTK receivers such as Alpha, REACH RS+, REACH M+, NEO-M8P, …etc. aren’t as robust as more expensive multi-frequency RTK receivers that might able to work with antenna under some tree foilage. If receiver antenna can have unblocked open sky view, then Alpha RTK could work. If it’ll be blocked by trees, then likely it’ll not be able to get RTK Fix to have centometer-level accuracy.

Typical approach to setup a permanent RTK base is to have antenna setup outdoors, running long antenna RF cable indoors to connect to RTK base receiver, with RTK base receiver connecting to a PC that runs NTRIP Server/Caster if Internet connection is to be used. Or have RTK base receiver UART output connecting to UART input of telemetry radio transmitter, if telemetry radio receiver is to be used with RTK rover.

The rover Alpha RTK receiver when triggered by signal, will generate RTK position output via PSTI,005 message that is output along with standard NMEA via USB or UART port.

We are currently preparing the user guide, to be soon available. Since Alpha is based on S1216F8-RTK module, there are some related information available on the Internet to have early glimpse of how it might work if interested:

S1216F8-RTK datasheet: https://www.skytraq.com.tw/homesite/S1216F8-RTK_v2.pdf
Page-18 has RTK position stamp description

S1216F8-RTK breakout board user guide: http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/content/NS-HP-GN-User-Guide_rev0.1.pdf
It contains usage information