Selected Q & A: UAV application

Hello, I am just wondering some more information about the RTK package for a UAV. I am using Pixhawk and mission planner (arid pilot).

Alpha RTK receiver from the RTK kit can be configured as base or rover. For UAV application, typically there will be a local RTK base being setup, the RTK base RTCM data is sent to laptop using USB interface, and sent via Mission Planner to UAV via RTK/GPS inject setting sharing the same telemetry radio. On UAV, a 6-pin connector wire that we provide connects autopilot and RTK rover, with autopilot received base data being sent to RTK rover via UART, and RTK rover RTK position result sent to autopilot via UART through this 6-wire able. We’re preparing user guide, which will have the UAV connection and configuration setup details.

I’m trying to set up the RTK with QGroundControl, I have configured 1 as the base and another as the rover. However when I boot up my UAV there is no GPS device connected…

I think you have to use Mission Planner to configure RTK GNSS. I don’t think you can configure RTK GNSS in QGC. Only Ardupilot firmware for Pixhawk as well.

Instruction how to do it in the Alpha RTK User manual.pdf page 37.

OK. I might be wrong about QGC and RTK GNSS Receiver.

Try the instruction on this link:

AutoConnect to the following devices


Are you going to use Alpha RTK GNSS for navigation only or for mapping as well?

If UAV is for mapping? I think Polaris should solve the PPK problem.

We need to know how 4-pin connector will be used for the camera (e.g. 1PPS (1 pulse per second) output signal and single / pin 3 - External camera trigger input signal which I think for timestamp) for PPK.

I am using the Alpha RTK to determine the precise position of the drone while it is collecting signal strength of aircraft guidance and landing systems. I will make sure that the QGC is automatically connecting to the devices.

Thank You

QGC is not recommended to be used with Alpha since it does not send RTK correction data to Alpha. Instead Mission Planner is recommended.

Is APM Planner 2 compatible with the Alpha RTK?

It is not yet compatible.