setting via other than RTKviewer


Hi Lee
Is it possible to make setting via command line or android
I mean not from RTKviewer
because if we need to change from BASE or ROVER mode then we should use your RTKViewer and windows… this not always practice in the field


Please check out this binary command interface: https://www.skytraq.com.tw/homesite/AN0028_1.4.44.pdf


I mean a simple way in text ascii format
not a binary one
sending parameter via Bluetooth may be


a simple script command for setting as a BASE or ROVER
without PC or Laptop


The configuration commands are binary type only, does not support ASCII configuration command.


do you have any script or
how can I sending the parameter without PC only via bluetooth from android


Configuration is only possible via USB port, via Bluetooth is not supported in the Alpha receiver hardware.


Ok. I running with your own starter kit
So. I can use bluetooth via UART
But I need to know script for setting as Base or Rover