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Hello everyone, I deal with topography work in Italy. What software do you use for topographic survey with S100? I have not yet purchased S100 because I have not found software to use in the surveys that have the requirements I look for. I currently have a Topcon GR3 with Mercury Software (Geotop) that works with Windows Mobile. Could the Polaris S100 be compatible with operating system, Windows Mobile? Excuse my English.

You may want to try Mobile Topographer Pro on Android platform which works well with S100.

Fieldgenius works fine with the s100.


Hola qué tal hermano tengo varias preguntas veo que ha usado s100 con fieldgenius lo usaste con un colector de datos y lo conectaste ntrip cual precisión te dio y si has hecho mensura en pais

Saludos dominicano!
La precisión es de 1-2 cm XY y 2-5 cm en altura. Realmente depende de la distancia de la CORS.
No lo he usado para mensura catastral, no tiene una antena certificada. Sí lo he comprobado con puntos tomados con GNSS de Topcon o Trimble y es muy preciso en PPK y PPP. Básicamente lo uso para GCPs, si tengo buena cobertura NTRIP, uso FIELDGENIUS para mis puntos de arranque y otros que pueda tomar, luego continúo con la estación total. La ventaja con el FIELDGENIUS es que puedo trabajar en el mismo archivo conectando ambos equipos y salgo del campo con el trabajo casi listo. Por otro lado, la aplicación S100 es buena hasta para replanteo y seguro que mejorará en el futuro. Abrazos a mi gente de Santiago! Soy de allá!

Hola hermano gracias una última pregunta la precisión milimétrica cual, entiendo lo de la antena certificada para hacer mensura pero si hacer levantamiento y determinación de área y replanteo como has dicho pero esa parte de milimétrica cual fue y se conecto con funcords

Con cualquier receptor GNSS, solo puedes tener precisión milimétrica en PP. Con el S100 tengo 3-4 mm con dos horas de datos a 7 km de la base, usando GPS y GLONASS en L1 L2.


Bueno día en estático es una precisión más que excelente y mira con topcon tools quiera trabajarlo en rtk ver la misma precisión

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La precisión es de 7 mm + 1 ppm (1 mm por cada kilómetro de longitud de la línea de base)

“Hello, how are you, brother? I have several questions. I see that you have used s100 with fieldgenius. You used it with a data collector and you connected it to ntrip, what precision did it give you and if you have measured in country?”

The accuracy is 7mm+1ppm (1mm for every one KM of baseline length)

¡Muchas gracias por compartir esto!

“Greetings Dominican!
Accuracy is 1-2cm XY and 2-5cm in height. It really depends on the distance from the CORS.
I have not used it for cadastral measurement, it does not have a certified antenna. Yes I have checked it with points taken with GNSS from Topcon or Trimble and it is very accurate in PPK and PPP. Basically I use it for GCPs, if I have good NTRIP coverage, I use FIELDGENIUS for my starting points and others I can take, then I move on to the total station. The advantage with FIELDGENIUS is that I can work on the same file by connecting both computers and I leave the field with the work almost done. On the other hand, the S100 application is good even for stakeout and will surely improve in the future. Hugs to my people from Santiago! I’m from there!”

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Sí, eso es precisión PPP.

“With any GNSS receiver, you can only have millimeter precision in PP. With the S100 I have 3-4mm with two hours of data 7km from base, using GPS and GLONASS on L1 L2.”
Yes, that is PPP precision.

Com PPP no Brasil não consigo uma boa precisão, mesmo depois de 8 horas, alguém pode me explicar porque não consigo essa precisão de 3 a 4 mm, mesmo estado perto da base.

Tem algum problema com o S100, não consigo sinal RTK fixo nem Float rtk somente GPS.

O PPP não precisa de uma base para calcular as coordenadas de localização. Certifique-se de ter um céu aberto (visão clara acima de 30 graus acima do horizonte).

“With PPP in Brazil I can’t get a good precision, even after 8 hours, someone can explain to me why I can’t get this precision of 3 to 4 mm, even being close to the base.”

PPP does not need a base to compute location coordinates. Please make sure you have an open sky (clear view above 30 degrees above horizon) .

Envie-nos um email para comunicar isso, por favor. info@polaris-gnss.com

PPP: Precise Point Positioning https://g.co/kgs/gbwxkL

PP: Post Process https://gps-solutions.com/post_process

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I have ordered my first S100. Looking forward to playing with it.

In the UK we use VRS so we can set up Ntrip using Connect.

However, we would also need software to run the survey. Preferably one where we can specify the grid and datum.

In the UK we use Ostn15 and osgm15 databases to transform to the OS grid and ODN as a vertical datum.

Does anyone know if there is software available that can do this please?



Check this…



It’s been about three weeks since I got my S100, here in Greece (custom clearance fees and procedures do apply but that was expected and prepared for). As a professional Surveyor sharing my initial experience, I have to say that it is a wonderful little RTK receiver, well worth its money and even more. Very fast and accurate RTK fixes, surprisingly it kept fixed under odd circumstances (eg close to buildings, under trees, etc) much better than expected, excellent and steady Bluetooth connection, remarkable performance overall. If combined with a 3rd party RTK Android app customised for datum and grid coordinates in the country of use (as luckily enough happened in my case but there are other apps out there as well) and a good full (not plain GPS/GLONASS) GNSS RTK subscription, it definitely constitutes a professional instrument. Of course working and logging on pure WGS84 geodetic coordinates is also welcome, with post coordinates transformation using the appropriate desktop software. Thumbs up, congratulations Polaris team!


Has anyone tried to use Carlson SurvPC with the Polaris? I’m wondering if there is an existing RTK GPS configuration in Carlson that will work with it. What instrument brand configuration do you guys that use Field Genius use with it?