Support for LoRa and LoRa modelm for RTK Base and Receiver


Would LoRa Radio and LoRa Modem supported for Polaris Alpha RTK in near future?

Or could this LoRa modem works with your Alpha RTK?

Thanks, Noli

I think this one. It has Bluetooth and LoRa

I bought a pair of LORA radios (DTU E32 433MHz). I could connect one to an Alpha receiver (as a Base) and the other radio to my pc so I checked the info was flowing right. Unfortunately I couidn’t check yet with the Alpha rover and how it works both with TTL (RTK fixes) and Bluetooth (mobile app) connection.at the same time.

I configured for a friend with the DTU E90 the best configuration was the one in the image below and it only works if the base is in RTCM mode, in skytraq mode it doesn’t work for me.

configuração funcional do e90 dtu

With E32 it should also work

ola amigo esse Lora Radio e o LoRa Modem serve para usar no Alfa + rtk

funciona sim mas so consegui com a base em rtcm

works yes but I only managed with the base in rtcm

Chegou meu E90- DTU 433L37.
Você poderia mostrar como ligou o Bluetooth Hc06 no rádio e onde conseguiu abaixar o Rf setting V1.7
não consegui achar no Sit da Ebyte nem um link no manual do produto.
O módulo com entrada db9 é muito caro.