I’m looking at alpha+’s to make a couple of ground control points like Propeller Areopoints for UAV mapping. Basically incorporating the alpha and an antenna into a ground control point to log raw data and post process. I plan to set up a base station, gcp’s and use a UAV with a PPK setup. I have a couple of questions:

With the alpha+ being a dual band receiver, what is the maximum distance I could post process the alpha base against a cors base? Single band is recommended 20-30kms, could I increase this to 50-60km with the dual?

Can I use the alpha’s raw law to post process against an Emlid Reach m+ receiver’s log?

Thanks for your help.

  1. The base line length can be up to 50 KM.
  2. You can use Alpha+'s RTCM correction data log to work with a third-party receiver.

Thanks for the response.
What accuracy can I achieve with a 50km baseline from Alpha+ base to a CORS base? Does about 6cm sound right (Alpha+ 1cm + 1ppm accuracy. 1cm+5cm for the distance)?

What can the accuracy be using a PPP service such as NRCAN or OPUS?

Thanks again.

  1. accuracy = 1cm + 50mm = 6cm. That is correct.
  2. PPP accuracy is about 30~50 cm.