Use Stakeout function of Polaris Connect app

We can now use the Stakeout function of Polaris Connect app to stake out points, lines, arcs, polylines, alignments, roads which were previously either

  1. planned with construction designing tool, like AutoCad Map 3D, or
  2. obtained from previous RTK survey.

To start stakeout function, just import a CSV file containing stakeout points from PC into Android phone, and then select a specific stakeout point to stake out.

In some cases, a batch of predefined stakeout points may contain the same horizontal error introduced at the design phase. Polaris Connect has a compensation mechanism to overcome this.

Here is a Stakeout demo video of Polaris Connect app.

In the demo video, the update rate is set to 1 Hz, and you may have smoother stakeout experiences by setting a faster update rate.


Tem como incluir o Apha+ neste aplicativo???

Hi, I’ve just started testing my S100 with the Polaris Connect App. So far I tried Rover with NTRIP service. I receive Fixed GPS. But trying to survey and stakeout points got some problems.

Sorry, I’m new and sent too early…

Now my problem with Stakeout:

  1. i imported a csv file with lat/lon coordinates, so far so goog, can see them in the list.
  2. but selecting for display or displaying all - does not work - no display but app gets back to menu Base Station
    Similar to Survey:
  3. app says recorded point, but not displaying any point!

Can anybody help on this?
Thank you