Use with data collector

Good night my second alpha arrived I read a lot of information on the forum but it is still not clear if I can use a data collector in this photo configuration without losing the rtk correction.

to connect the data collector I will have to use bluetooth there would have to change from TTL (3) to bluetooth (5).

I await thanks

That’s what I need to know too, but no clear answer from the team

Please see Appendix A-4 of the user guide on how the data flows under different settings.

When Bluetooth is chosen, Alpha+ expect to receive RTK base data over Bluetooth, not from TTL UART. Thus unable to support the operating mode mentioned of getting RTK base data over radio from UART interface and sending NMEA output to Bluetooth.

But it would be possible to do this via a change in the software for the future?
it is not possible to use it in places without cell coverage, or you would have to carry the notebook with you.

I suppose that adding a bluetooth module instead of a real time controller would complete the configuration we are looking for

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There is no easy way to support what you’re asking with already shipped Alpha+ receiver, internal Altera CPLD hardware need to be re-programmed.

Can try to support such customized function with new orders if leaving us a note when ordering (FPGA-MOD1 version). The penalty is extra 50mA @ 3.3V current draw by the Bluetooth hardware when in other TTL / USB modes.

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There would be a schematic for connecting a direct BT module that I could do here?

Would have to make the connection of alpha + in TTGO esp32 it already comes with radio lora with chip sx1276, could you connect the cell phone in bluetooth of esp32 and already use radio lora together?
It would solve the problem of losing the bluetooth connection when using TTL for the radio link.

TTGO Esp 32 com lora sx1276

I have 2 alpha here from the previous version (before FPGA-MOD1) that when I choose TTL correction, Bluetooth is off, I wonder if I could put an intentional jumper to keep it on after choosing another type of correction or it would be detrimental to the rest of the hardware

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Unfortunately that’s not possible,