Using Radio with S100


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Hi Jackson,

Can this hack works with Alpha+?

Any instruction how to connect this hack in Alpha+ for Base and Rover.

Is Alpha+ usb can be used as well for this hack connection?

Probably, you can do a blog about this like this one.


Having a cheap Lora radio using your hack or using RAK 811 would be useful for Alpha+ Base and Rover for UAV Mapping and Survey.


Alpha+ already has UART interface, does not need such USB-to-UART converter.

Here is a description on using Alpha+ with radio:

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So, we can connect this radio directly to the radio port of Alpha+ and will work?

So now, the question:

a) should we connect the green wire (TX) from the radio wire - yellow ? or
b) should we connect the green wire (TX) from the radio wire - white ?

What is the color of the wire to Alpha+ UART0_RXD for radio receiver?


OK. PIn 2 in 6-pin port or Yellow.

OK. You are referring to this radio that has serial port. I think this is better, 8km range.


915Mhz but only 3km range

So we need this one.

For radio transmitter side, data flow direction is from Alpha+ UART output to radio UART input, so output data is from pin-3 of the Alpha+ 6-pin connector.

For radio receiver side, data direction is from radio UART output to Alpha+ UART input, so output data from radio is to go to pin-2 of the Alpha+ 6-pin connector.

Common ground connection between radio and Alpha+ pin-6 is also required.

Hi Jackson,

Thanks for posting a blog on this topic.

I just like to clarify what do you meant on this:

“For radio transmitter side”, is this Alpha+ base radio side?

“For radio receiver side”, is this Alpha+ rover radio side?


Yes, that’s correct.

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Could Polaris manufacture radios for its gnss receivers?

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We are working on a design…


Great! We’ll be waiting for…

Its an excellent news!

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Sería excelente que tenga radió y batería interna un modelo más completo

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Can the Raspberry Pi 3B+ be used instead of the Raspberry Pi Zero to connect radios on S100?