Would this radio link do the job?


I have asked before. I need a radio link to link base and rover in a GIS scenario and I am not sure what to use. I need enough power to reach several kms (I suppose maximum 10 for RTK purposes). Is this model suitable for connections and other aspects? My main concern is that it will connect properly with reveiver UART and do what I need. If you have other suggestion it is welcome (specially regarding antennas):

It includes a transmitter and receiver… is it ok to be simplex and not duplex? is duplex needed somehow in a GIS scenario?

Thanks in advance,


If you are using locally setup Alpha RTK base, then data direction is one way from Alpha RTK base to Alpha RTK rover. GPS/GLONASS RTK max baseline distance typically is around 7Km. GPS/BDS RTK max baseline distance might be 10Km or more.

Radio that says Pixhawk compatible should generally be able to work with Alpha. But as we have no experience with this product before, don’t know if there there might be something unexpected.

Their ad photo only shows one antenna. You might ask the seller to recommend antenna to use.